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Advertising Technology: Back to the Future of the Present

Advertising technology has reinvented marketing communications practice, but many SMEs haven’t changed with the times. This is inherently dangerous…   I was looking through some old boxes that had been hanging around my storage shed for donkey’s years today. In the process, I came across a copy of an article I wrote for Campaign Brief Magazine in 2003 on […]

Common branding mistakes: Chorizo, Mushrooms, Jam and your Brand

Common branding mistakes are often logical in nature…   I’m fond of metaphors in business writing, as they’re an effective way to add general interest and increased comprehension to even the most staid and specialised subject matter. So allow me to use the metaphor of breakfast, as I describe what I see as a major […]

Database mining: Today I change my sex…

Database mining treats people’s daily lives as commodities. Sooner or later there will be a backlash…   I’ve decided that this month I am going to be a grandmother, with nose piercings, tatts and a nipple ring. My new name is Heidi. I sing French opera backwards and only talk to my friends in Klingon. Next month, […]

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