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10 Pitfalls of Social Media – Part 1 of 5

Part one of a five-part posting.   Online social media is making substantial changes to media consumption and marketing practice worldwide. Social media is also currently (and unfortunately) drenched in hype. To know where social media is going, you need to look at its shortfalls…   Marketers like to praise social media, and in most […]

Recent Work: Oscorp Entertainment

Oscorp needed some new one-page promotional brochures for some of the series in their collection. We were happy to oblige.  

Recent Work: Supreme Settlements

A short web video we recently completed for our client Supreme Settlements:

The future of marketing – a postscript

I bumped into an associate of mine recently and he commented on one of my recent posts on changing Advertising technology. He pointed out that I had failed to talk about YouTube entirely and that diminished the impact and relevance of my article. I laughed, agreed with him completely and thanked him for illustrating my point: YouTube didn’t exist in 2003 either […]

Lifetime Customer Value: See you next century!

As a branding consultant, I’m really big on the idea of Lifetime Customer Value – i.e. calculating the the amount of money a customer will spend with your business over their entire lifespan. This particular brand metric doesn’t have equal emphasis for every business, but wherever possible I encourage businesses to soak this idea in to their internal culture […]

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