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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re changing direction folks…

Greetings everyone.

I’ve had several epiphanies recently that I wish to share with you – but first, a statement from the management (…that’s me, naturally.)

I started this blog in 2011 to act as as my company’s website, and to provide a commercial communications platform for my business. But every since my firm’s corporate site went live, this blog hasn’t needed to fill that role – so I’m changing its focus, starting today.

Throughout my career, I’ve always been passionate about creativity, communications and computers. That feature of my personality isn’t going change… but almost  everything else about this blog is going to.

From my perspective, there are now so many different transformations currently waiting in society’s wings, it’s difficult to know what forces will hit us next, or which will have the greatest impact.

Historically speaking, swift and radical upheavals in society are always disruptive, and sometimes beneficial  – depending of course on which side of those changes you happen to be on. If your interests are marginalized by societal change, or you adapt to the changes too late, it’s rarely a pretty picture. I figure it’s in all our interests to know what’s coming round the corner, so these are the kinds of forces I’m keen to explore.

This blog will still feature occasional postings about marketing communications and creativity; but it needs to embrace a far broader societal perspective on creativity, communications and technology than it currently does. Preferably, I’d like to do this from a non-commercial standpoint, and with more intimacy and transparency than a purely-commercial forum can provide.

To achieve all that, this blog cannot remain a commercial endeavor; so from here on in, there’ll be no more mention of my wonderful, spectacular, eminently affordable, highly creative and extremely effective marketing communications firm (…well apart from this one.)

In closing, let me clarify that just like every other pseudo-futurist out there, I have no monopoly on insight; any predictions I make in future should be regarded with healthy skepticism, and taken with a grain of salt. 

The only thing I can say with certainty, is our collective ability to survive the coming tempest of change, will be dependent on our ability to think creatively, communicate effectively, and leverage technology quickly.

I know there’s nothing new in that statement – people sprout stuff like this about the future all the time.

But if you really think that these looming changes to come, will be anything like changes we’ve seen in the past …then to quote a certain 1960’s ode to melancholic London tour-guides: “…I’ll show you something… to make you… change… your mind.”

I admit I’m being melodramatic here – and have conjured up the mother of all ear-worms in the process. But you need a bit of dramatic bellowing now and again if you want to get people’s attention. I tried whispering the word “Fire!” once – it didn’t work out so well.

Thanks for reading folks – please stick around, it’ll be heaps of fun I promise.