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Tryptic of the Modern Brand: Part 1 – An Ode to Agility

Howdy everyone. This latest post is all about agile software, nimble brands, creative leaps, and the unforeseeable benefits of falling flat on your bum. It is also part one of a series of musings about technology, creative branding, and how the two seem to be getting along nowadays. While this could easily become a dry, […]

Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 3: In for a penny…

Hi everyone. As per my musings in an earlier post, please find attached a copy of the original “Ode To A Google Web-Bot” for your reading and down-loading pleasure. Click on the thumbnail opposite to view a larger version. The second (edited and expurgated) version is still with the original post that accompanied it – I have decided […]

A Sea of Opinion

How do you measure opinion? And by you, I mean YOU – the person who owns the eyeballs scanning these words. How do you – personally – manage the oceans of opinion the whole world is currently floating on? With the rise of digital media, has come a tsunami of opinions. You probably have a […]

Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 2: An interesting request…

Hi everyone. 🙂 I’ve had a few requests now for me to re-post the original, cheekier version of my Haiku protest to Google. Frankly I am severely tempted to do so, but also a little hesitant. I’ll sit and reflect on those requests for a while, and make a decision shortly. Stay tuned…

Ode to a Google Web-bot (…as written by an irate word-smith).

Like a lot of writers – I have a covert love of poetry, and an overt love of language. Like a lot of marketers – I have to accommodate the minutiae of Google’s inscrutable whims into my work, whether I want to or not (…Google is now so powerful, if I want to reach my audience […]

PORTFOLIO: New Examples Of Our Work…

For those who have been wondering what else I’ve been up to over the last few years, you can find a more recent copy of our creative portfolio on our corporate Behance page. Feel free to wander over and have a gander for yourself. (NB: Behance is a website dedicated to creative individuals, and to creative […]

Back From The Dead – (…Without All That Nasty Zombie Business.)

Hello everyone!! 🙂 It’s good to see you again. I’ve been neglecting this blog horribly for three years straight – but I’m back from the virtual dead, with plenty to speak about and discuss with you. It feels good being back here and discussing this stuff again – hopefully you feel much the same. So what was I doing all […]

Why do some businesses run better adverts than others?

I’d like to talk about a subject very dear to my heart: Why do some businesses consistently run better adverts than others in the same category? In doing so, I’d like to offer my own personal hypothesis on the answer to this question in the hope, dear reader, that you personally get better business results out of it. […]

Common branding mistakes: Chorizo, Mushrooms, Jam and your Brand

Common branding mistakes are often logical in nature…   I’m fond of metaphors in business writing, as they’re an effective way to add general interest and increased comprehension to even the most staid and specialised subject matter. So allow me to use the metaphor of breakfast, as I describe what I see as a major […]

Database mining: Today I change my sex…

Database mining treats people’s daily lives as commodities. Sooner or later there will be a backlash…   I’ve decided that this month I am going to be a grandmother, with nose piercings, tatts and a nipple ring. My new name is Heidi. I sing French opera backwards and only talk to my friends in Klingon. Next month, […]

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