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Cloud Computing has Storms Ahead Pt 2: You can’t stop progress…

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how the rapid rise of Quantum computing poses a serious threat to the future security of internet transactions and cloud computing models. Since that time there been more than few hacking scandals (using regular old silicon-based processors) to help throw more weight behind my concerns… though […]

Cloud Computing Has Storm Clouds Ahead.

I’ve been a die-hard computer geek for decades – ever since the Trash 80 and Vic 20 were the pinnacle of consumer electronics. ( I wrote programs for both these computers as a kid. Oh Lord, I’m showing my age here… 🙂 So my inner techno-freak did little back flips of joy this morning when I read  that […]

From Stork to Stalker – UPDATE

A fantastic article going into further detail on data-mining can be found here:  

From Stork to Stalker – Data mining predicts pregnancy.

A recent article on Forbes magazine’s website tells the no-longer-surprising story of Target stores in the US knowing a teenager was pregnant before her father did.  For those disinterested in clicking on the link, Target stores in the US track every purchase an individual makes on their credit card, and from analysing the purchases, they […]

10 Pitfalls of Social Media – Part 2 of 5

Part two in our continuing saga of some features of social media that frustrate and confuse…   3. Hello friend – have I got a deal for you! Contact lists and personal recommendations are being commercialized and commoditized by social media. Users are being encouraged to “like’ businesses and their products in exchange for winning a […]

10 Pitfalls of Social Media – Part 1 of 5

Part one of a five-part posting.   Online social media is making substantial changes to media consumption and marketing practice worldwide. Social media is also currently (and unfortunately) drenched in hype. To know where social media is going, you need to look at its shortfalls…   Marketers like to praise social media, and in most […]

Database mining: Today I change my sex…

Database mining treats people’s daily lives as commodities. Sooner or later there will be a backlash…   I’ve decided that this month I am going to be a grandmother, with nose piercings, tatts and a nipple ring. My new name is Heidi. I sing French opera backwards and only talk to my friends in Klingon. Next month, […]

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