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Tryptic of the Modern Brand: Part 1 – An Ode to Agility

Howdy everyone. This latest post is all about agile software, nimble brands, creative leaps, and the unforeseeable benefits of falling flat on your bum. It is also part one of a series of musings about technology, creative branding, and how the two seem to be getting along nowadays. While this could easily become a dry, […]

Cloud Computing has Storms Ahead Pt 2: You can’t stop progress…

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how the rapid rise of Quantum computing poses a serious threat to the¬†future security of internet transactions and cloud computing models. Since that time there been more than few hacking scandals (using regular old silicon-based processors) to help throw more weight behind my concerns… though […]

Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 2: An interesting request…

Hi everyone. ūüôā I’ve had a few¬†requests now for me to re-post the original, cheekier version of my¬†Haiku protest to Google. Frankly I am severely tempted to do so, but¬†also a little hesitant. I’ll sit and reflect on those requests for a while, and make a decision shortly. Stay tuned…

Ode to a Google Web-bot (…as written by an irate word-smith).

Like a lot of writers – I have a covert love of poetry, and an overt love of language. Like a lot of marketers – I have to accommodate the minutiae of Google’s inscrutable whims into my work, whether I want to or not (…Google is now so¬†powerful, if I want to reach my audience […]

One Big Reason Why I Became A Creative… (And Why Great Content Never Ages).

  This is a true story – but it really doesn’t sound like one. You have every right to doubt me, and I don’t blame you if you do… but I swear on everything I hold sacred, these events happened just as described! When I was eight¬†years old, my grandparents lived in Mount Pleasant in […]

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