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Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 3: In for a penny…

Hi everyone. As per my musings in an earlier post, please find attached a copy of the original “Ode To A Google Web-Bot” for your reading and down-loading pleasure. Click on the thumbnail opposite to view a larger version. The second (edited and expurgated) version is still with the original post that accompanied it – I have decided […]

Broken link is now fixed… Sorry Mr Morris!

A very quick thanks to all the folks who let me know the Kelmscott Chaucer link was broken… it has now been fixed, you can download a copy here. Please note, the first nine or so pages of the PDF have been left deliberately blank – the good stuff starts shortly thereafter. 🙂

One Big Reason Why I Became A Creative… (And Why Great Content Never Ages).

  This is a true story – but it really doesn’t sound like one. You have every right to doubt me, and I don’t blame you if you do… but I swear on everything I hold sacred, these events happened just as described! When I was eight years old, my grandparents lived in Mount Pleasant in […]

Further Updates Coming…

Hi everyone. 🙂 Just a quick note to keep my readers informed of what’s happening with this site. Our temporary flash-based corporate site ( will be replaced shortly by our new one, once we’ve finished the testing phase, which (barring any unforeseen problems) will happen within the next month or so. This blog will live on regardless, and […]

Back From The Dead – (…Without All That Nasty Zombie Business.)

Hello everyone!! 🙂 It’s good to see you again. I’ve been neglecting this blog horribly for three years straight – but I’m back from the virtual dead, with plenty to speak about and discuss with you. It feels good being back here and discussing this stuff again – hopefully you feel much the same. So what was I doing all […]

New Website: A New Site For A New Start

The old site is dead and we were the ones who killed it. It was a mercy killing, believe me. The site that temporarily replaced the old site is also dead. That however was a crime of passion. We hated it and dispatched it with extreme prejudice. The third effort didn’t fare much better. Neither did the […]

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