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One hundred billion reasons to panic

Oh crap. Ummm…  hey folks,… …remember how I’ve been going on about Quantum Computing since 2011 now, and how I said it will have a bigger impact than the wheel did? Remember how I said the sheer code-busting power of these computers will be unparalleled in human history? …and how things are going to change at an […]

Cloud Computing has Storms Ahead Pt 2: You can’t stop progress…

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how the rapid rise of Quantum computing poses a serious threat to the future security of internet transactions and cloud computing models. Since that time there been more than few hacking scandals (using regular old silicon-based processors) to help throw more weight behind my concerns… though […]

Cloud Computing Has Storm Clouds Ahead.

I’ve been a die-hard computer geek for decades – ever since the Trash 80 and Vic 20 were the pinnacle of consumer electronics. ( I wrote programs for both these computers as a kid. Oh Lord, I’m showing my age here… 🙂 So my inner techno-freak did little back flips of joy this morning when I read  that […]

From Stork to Stalker – Data mining predicts pregnancy.

A recent article on Forbes magazine’s website tells the no-longer-surprising story of Target stores in the US knowing a teenager was pregnant before her father did.  For those disinterested in clicking on the link, Target stores in the US track every purchase an individual makes on their credit card, and from analysing the purchases, they […]

The future of marketing – a postscript

I bumped into an associate of mine recently and he commented on one of my recent posts on changing Advertising technology. He pointed out that I had failed to talk about YouTube entirely and that diminished the impact and relevance of my article. I laughed, agreed with him completely and thanked him for illustrating my point: YouTube didn’t exist in 2003 either […]

Lifetime Customer Value: See you next century!

As a branding consultant, I’m really big on the idea of Lifetime Customer Value – i.e. calculating the the amount of money a customer will spend with your business over their entire lifespan. This particular brand metric doesn’t have equal emphasis for every business, but wherever possible I encourage businesses to soak this idea in to their internal culture […]

Advertising Technology: Back to the Future of the Present

Advertising technology has reinvented marketing communications practice, but many SMEs haven’t changed with the times. This is inherently dangerous…   I was looking through some old boxes that had been hanging around my storage shed for donkey’s years today. In the process, I came across a copy of an article I wrote for Campaign Brief Magazine in 2003 on […]

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