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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re changing direction folks…

Greetings everyone. I’ve had several epiphanies recently that I wish to share with you – but first, a statement from the management (…that’s me, naturally.) I started this blog in 2011 to act as as my company’s website, and to provide a commercial communications platform for my business. But every since my firm’s corporate site went live, this blog hasn’t needed to fill that role – so I’m […]

UPDATE: A Sea of Opinion

Hi everyone – hope your Christmas and New Year’s break was enjoyable. 🙂 In one of my posts from early last year, I decried the way many marketers abuse their in-bound content, by refusing to keep commercial messages separate from their various opinion pieces.  It seems that various peak industry bodies are starting to make more noise about the problem, with the Internet […]

Quantum Computing part IV: …Man, I HATE it when I’m right!

Hi folks. Following on from my last post on D-wave and Quantum computing, it turns out that announcement from Google was all about the one-hundred-million-times performance boost their new D-Wave computer has shown over a standard computer (with a single core). To put that in perspective, first you need to imagine an optimization problem that takes […]

Quantum Computing and Cloud Storage: those clouds are starting to look ominous…

Hi everyone. I’ve been talking about the opportunities / challenges / threats of both quantum computing and cloud storage on and off for a few years now – and it looks like things are starting to happen on both fronts… which is both exciting, and utterly terrifying. Let’s start with Quantum Computing. For those who came […]

Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 3: In for a penny…

Hi everyone. As per my musings in an earlier post, please find attached a copy of the original “Ode To A Google Web-Bot” for your reading and down-loading pleasure. Click on the thumbnail opposite to view a larger version. The second (edited and expurgated) version is still with the original post that accompanied it – I have decided […]

Cloud Computing has Storms Ahead Pt 2: You can’t stop progress…

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how the rapid rise of Quantum computing poses a serious threat to the future security of internet transactions and cloud computing models. Since that time there been more than few hacking scandals (using regular old silicon-based processors) to help throw more weight behind my concerns… though […]

A Sea of Opinion

How do you measure opinion? And by you, I mean YOU – the person who owns the eyeballs scanning these words. How do you – personally – manage the oceans of opinion the whole world is currently floating on? With the rise of digital media, has come a tsunami of opinions. You probably have a […]

Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 2: An interesting request…

Hi everyone. 🙂 I’ve had a few requests now for me to re-post the original, cheekier version of my Haiku protest to Google. Frankly I am severely tempted to do so, but also a little hesitant. I’ll sit and reflect on those requests for a while, and make a decision shortly. Stay tuned…

Broken link is now fixed… Sorry Mr Morris!

A very quick thanks to all the folks who let me know the Kelmscott Chaucer link was broken… it has now been fixed, you can download a copy here. Please note, the first nine or so pages of the PDF have been left deliberately blank – the good stuff starts shortly thereafter. 🙂

PORTFOLIO: New Examples Of Our Work…

For those who have been wondering what else I’ve been up to over the last few years, you can find a more recent copy of our creative portfolio on our corporate Behance page. Feel free to wander over and have a gander for yourself. (NB: Behance is a website dedicated to creative individuals, and to creative […]

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