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Do You Remember ‘The Long Tail’? …Turns Out There’s A Sting In It!

I’d like to ask my readers a marketing-related question that’s been bugging me for weeks.  I’m asking you this question because you’re the only ones on Earth who can answer it: “Why did the visitation stats on this website go up after I stopped making regular updates?”   This small, humble, horribly-neglected little blog consistently received more visits over 24 solid […]

Back From The Dead – (…Without All That Nasty Zombie Business.)

Hello everyone!! 🙂 It’s good to see you again. I’ve been neglecting this blog horribly for three years straight – but I’m back from the virtual dead, with plenty to speak about and discuss with you. It feels good being back here and discussing this stuff again – hopefully you feel much the same. So what was I doing all […]

Our New Website is Coming – Please Bear With Us…

Our new corporate website is coming along nicely – but slowly (we always give higher priority to completing our client’s communications pieces over our own – hence the delay). Our corporate blog will also be revamped very shortly. Our portfolio section in particular needs a revamp as it is currently showing its age. We will be taking it […]

Please come back John Davis – we need you…

For all those advertising people out there who follow my occasional ramblings… (…how are you both by the way? 🙂 ) …there’s been a bit of a hubbub brewing in my local Advertising market regarding a few large client moves. Clients moving agencies is not the issue I’m writing about today – the issue for me […]

We’re Moving!!

Crazy Like A Fox’s website and all our email accounts will be down for a few days as we move our web services to our new web hosting company. If you need to reach us urgently during the big move, you can email us at claf (at) amnet dot net dot au. Thanks. 🙂

From Stork to Stalker – UPDATE

A fantastic article going into further detail on data-mining can be found here:  

10 Pitfalls of Social Media – Part 2 of 5

Part two in our continuing saga of some features of social media that frustrate and confuse…   3. Hello friend – have I got a deal for you! Contact lists and personal recommendations are being commercialized and commoditized by social media. Users are being encouraged to “like’ businesses and their products in exchange for winning a […]

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