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Cloud Computing Has Storm Clouds Ahead.

I’ve been a die-hard computer geek for decades – ever since the Trash 80 and Vic 20 were the pinnacle of consumer electronics. ( I wrote programs for both these computers as a kid. Oh Lord, I’m showing my age here… ūüôā

So my inner techno-freak did little¬†back flips¬†of joy this morning¬†when I read ¬†that Australian researchers ¬†have¬†essentially¬†‘cracked the Qubit’.

For those who are unaware,¬†Quantum computing will ultimately have a bigger impact on humanity’s development than the wheel did – ¬†it will change everything, and data privacy will be the very first thing to go.

In 1995, 40-bit encryption was enough to secure both private data and financial transactions from a brute-force attack by a hacker. Current technology however can break these codes in seconds.

Today, 128-bit encryption is the standard for both online transactions and consumer-level encryption software, with 256 bit encryption being the yard-stick at enterprise-level.

Quantum¬†computing¬†however will blow¬†through¬†all these encryption levels like a freight train through fairy-floss. Unless your data is physically removed from all forms of ¬†internet connection, it will be readily accessible to a future hacker’s q-server one way or another…. and by ‘future’, I mean in about 5 to 10 years (…foreign governments hack too you know…)

I’ve never been a huge fan of most¬†cloud storage¬†business models as they are operating in a world-wide legislative¬†vacuum, with little in the¬†way of¬†standardized legislation that applies universally across territories. The unprecedented¬†code-busting power Quantum computing will eventually¬†deliver¬†only exacerbates my concerns.

1 TB hard-drives are the size of a paperback, weight less than a kilo and cost less than $100. When 1st-gen memrister technology starts to become widespread around 2014, the prices, sizes and weights for offline storage will go even lower.

My advice is avoid cloud storage for sensitive personal data as much as you possibly can Рdownload your valuable data and keep it safe somewhere offline.