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Cloud Computing has Storms Ahead Pt 2: You can’t stop progress…

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how the rapid rise of Quantum computing poses a serious threat to the future security of internet transactions and cloud computing models.

Since that time there been more than few hacking scandals (using regular old silicon-based processors) to help throw more weight behind my concerns… though to be fair, in that post I also said memristor-based memory would be widespread by last year… that prediction at least was way off.

In regard to memristors, HP have not yet brought that tech to market, but meanwhile they continue to put renewed effort into The Machine, the radical new computing model that this technology will enable… so clearly we will hear more about memristors in the near future one way or another.

While all this was going on however, other high capacity memory storage formats have come along to challenge Flash memory. SSD computer storage is about to get a lot bigger! (Yay! 🙂 )

Keep an eye on this sector, as it’s a potential disruptive influence on cloud-based business models.

Turning now to Quantum computing again, the same researchers who cracked the q-bit back in September 2012 have since been able to manufacture a device from silicone components, making it compatible with modern manufacturing processes. Remember what I said about quantum computers being able to break 128bit encryption easily?… it’s now more true than ever!

Fortunately for all of us, additional work on cryptography is also taking place to hopefully (and I mean hopefully) negate some of the predicted effects all this new code-breaking tech will inject into the international data-security marketplace – and trust me, nowadays EVERYBODY is in the data-security marketplace in one way or another. Additional privacy legislation here at home, coupled with the growing presence of the internet of things, means that data-security is everyone’s concern.

I know I’m stating the obvious when I talk about the need for computer and data-security nowadays… but it never hurts to give a gentle reminder or two (there are still people out there who have no idea how to create a proper secure password, as well as those somewhat deluded individuals who even more dangerously DO have a secure password, but choose to use the same passwords for everything without any variation).

With the above thought in mind – I thought I’d share with you a little gentle reminder of just how prevalent hacking activities really are nowadays – pay attention now, this should be fun.

Attached below is a list of the Lockout Log for this website, which contains all the IP addresses that have tried (and failed) to hack into this blog since its inception in 2011 (…608 lockouts and counting!).

For those who don’t know what an IP Address is, it’s a unique identifying code that acts as a “residential address” for a computer connected to a network. If you have a computer / tablet / phone that is connected to the internet, then that computer has a unique IP address, so that other computers can find it.


I can assure you the list below is real, unaltered and every IP address within represents numerous genuine attempts to gain access to the administrative areas of this blog, by trying to guess my password. Please note at least one of these IP addresses has received 19 lockouts – which represents up to 76 separate attempts to hack my site from one IP address alone… who knows… maybe they’re still trying, but are now hiding their identity better. Far as I can tell, the IP address in question – – is just a stone’s throw away from Ashburn, Virginia, home one of the most important internet networking hubs in the US, and is wind-assisted spitting distance from the Pentagon. Feel free to draw your own conclusions…. I’ll just be here hiding under the rug, taking down the license plate of that dark van across the road… XD  lol).


I’m not trying to drift into crazy-conspiracy-theory / tinfoil-hat-land here folks. I include all this information only as food for thought. Most likely these are all just amateur attempts to hack my site. If someone really wanted to hack my blog (and they knew what they were doing) then it wouldn’t take them very long to do so, and I might never know it had happened.

Feel free to run an IP trace on these addresses for yourself if you wish. Oh and BTW – for obvious reasons, this list of IP addresses might not be up for very long. I AM kind of poking a bear here by listing them – but stuff it, I’m putting them up anyway.


IP Address Tried to log in as:



…long list, isnt it? (It’s nice to be popular… 🙂 )

Moral of the story: Please always make your passwords decent ones, and don’t re-use them anywhere! It’s the most basic step you can take in keeping yourself safe online.

And don’t rely on the cloud to keep your most important data safe… you never know who’s watching, or what they’re trying to do… Isn’t that right Mr.

Happy selling folks, but keep an eye on the clouds  – there’s a nasty storm coming sooner or later.