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Further Updates Coming…

Hi everyone. 🙂

Just a quick note to keep my readers informed of what’s happening with this site.

Our temporary flash-based corporate site ( will be replaced shortly by our new one, once we’ve finished the testing phase, which (barring any unforeseen problems) will happen within the next month or so.

This blog will live on regardless, and will also under-go a bit of a tidy-up of its own, once the corporate site is up and running.

I note that several of the external pages and sites I’ve linked previously have now been taken down. Given so many of my readers are still going through my back-catalog of postings, I will also do my best to track down and re-link all this missing content (assuming it’s still available).

Unfortunately, fixing these older, broken links won’t be a high priority for me. I hope you understand and will forgive me if this takes me some time to complete – I’m going to have to do it in my spare time and fit it around my other commitments.

The next marketing post is nearly completed and will be uploaded something within the next week (…there’s also a couple of typos and minor errors in my last post, which will be fixed shortly too).
Thanks for reading as always folks – it’s good to have your company. 🙂