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New Website: A New Site For A New Start

Perth Advertising Agency - Crazy Like A FoxThe old site is dead and we were the ones who killed it. It was a mercy killing, believe me.

The site that temporarily replaced the old site is also dead. That however was a crime of passion. We hated it and dispatched it with extreme prejudice.

The third effort didn’t fare much better.

Neither did the fourth.

This is the fifth attempt we have made to get the site we want up and running the way we want it. So far it’s looking promising.

This whole process of burning the old and inadequate alike got me thinking about the things we keep around us as business owners.

How much of the things we keep around are there because it’s more convenient that throwing them out?

Old methods, old ideas, old familiar and efficient-enough, yeah-that’ll-do ways of working – are these things really giving us the personal pleasure and the business performance we’re looking for?

Myself, I no longer believe that the effort and time I save by settling is really worth what I had to put with in order to achieve it.

I run a business and I feed myself and my family with its proceeds.

Settling for less because its slightly easier was leading me into bad decisions. And bad decisions can make for thin pickings at a dinner table if you’re not careful.

I’m not looking to save time and effort so much anymore.

I now look for the benefits I’m missing through unnecessary compromise.

It hasn’t made me rich as Midas yet – but I sense the echoes of a greater personal happiness down this particular path.

And that feels good. 🙂