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Ode to a Google Web-Bot Part 3: In for a penny…

Ode-To-A-Google-Web-BotHi everyone.

As per my musings in an earlier post, please find attached a copy of the original “Ode To A Google Web-Bot” for your reading and down-loading pleasure. Click on the thumbnail opposite to view a larger version.

The second (edited and expurgated) version is still with the original post that accompanied it – I have decided to leave this second version up for public viewing as well.

I reflected long and hard on making this original, cheekier version accessible once again. While it will always be my favorite, there were a number of brand-equity considerations I had to ponder before I could decide whether or not to re-post it.

I will go into these considerations in my next post in a few days time, as they provide a good illustrative example of some of the relevant factors in your brand’s approach to, and evaluate of its tone and manner decisions with its content. Given the enormous potential for both benefit and harm that tone-and-manner can impart to your online communications, it’s high time I covered the subject in greater detail.

Hope life is being kind to you folks, I’ll see you again in a few days.

Cheers! 🙂