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The future of marketing – a postscript

I bumped into an associate of mine recently and he commented on one of my recent posts on changing Advertising technology. He pointed out that I had failed to talk about YouTube entirely and that diminished the impact and relevance of my article.

I laughed, agreed with him completely and thanked him for illustrating my point: YouTube didn’t exist in 2003 either – it was launched in November 2005.

By making video publishing ubiquitous, this one website has forever altered: Broadcast Television, Satellite and Cable Television, Music Publishing, Film Distribution, DVD Rental, Camera Manufacture, Mobile Phone Manufacture, and Mobile Telephony worldwide. In less than six years!

Times are changing now in unprecedented ways and at a breath-taking rate, and the change we see even today is nothing compared to what is coming.

If you can’t handle the pace of change, then start running now.